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My name is Efrat, 'eF" is my nickname that became my brand name.
I'm an Israeli designer living, designing, creating in Tel Aviv and loving it.

I started creating jewelry as a hobby just before I studied fashion design.

This hobby became my main job as soon as I graduated.

Each new season I choose an inspiration that interests me
and interpret it into the jewelry I design.

I always try to renovate, for myself and for my customers, to keep them satisfied.

I sketch, test and play around with materials that interest me until a collection is built.

All pieces are handmade by my worker and myself in my studio.

My goal is to make my customer feel better about herself
and the outfit she chose to wear by adding the final touch,
making it a bit more fashionable and interesting.

Makes me happy that women wear what I create :)

I believe that apart from designing jewelry pieces that make my customers happy,
great customer service is what makes them come back.

Thanks !


GreekSandalShop was born in 2012 by creating handmade pieces made of high quality leathers.
GreekSandalShop’s sandals are combination of traditional craftsmanship with stunning contemporary designs.

Founded and Owned by Natasa
Natasa was born and raised in Greece
Where she studied Graphic Design and Fashion Design.
Natasa always had a passion to be creative and do things with her hands
She is inspired by the Greek Mythology and the endless blue of the Greek sea.

All sandals made is a part of her heart.
Browse through the collection and acquire a unique Grecian chic style.

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