LoveBrook & Blk+Blu

My first name: Shaneisha
My last name: Jenkins
What do I do: I'm a Youtuber, Actress, Painter, and Aspiring Model
Link to my site: 
What do I like to do in my free time: I love to paint, write music, I love to spend time with my dog Riley, and hanging with my girlfriend.
Favorite song that you can't go without: My all time favorite song is Flower by Chari Joy
My guilty pleasure that I enjoy eating:  Chocolate Chip Cookies
My style: I am the epitome of mood matching. I match how I feel--
If I had to choose..I'd say my style is edgy more than anything. I try to incorporate some edge and pop in no matter what I wear. Some days I may feel more 90's inspired and may wear a big denim jacket. I usually try to match my style with how I'm feeling.

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