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Are you a stylish leader? Team BLK n BLU want to thank one lucky shopper who has their own unique sense of style and flair! Every month Team BLK n BLU will pick one shopper to be featured as a BLK n BLU Girl with a host of prizes! So tell us why you should be our next BLK n BLU Girl today!

- A free gift valued up-to $25
- A Feature on our BLK n BLU Girl Page
- A Custom coupon code that never expires for a year
(Code can only be used for the winner and if abused will be revoked)
- The chance to help Team BLK n BLU to pick out next seasons pieces
- The chance to have one item from the picked out selection to be named after them
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Get to know our BLK n BLU GIRLz

My first name: María Alejandra
My last name: Aristizábal
What do I do: I'm an Attorney and a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger at Alemint.
Link to my site: or
What do I like to do in my free time: I'm an outdoor person so I like to go out and spend some quality time with my family and friends. I also really enjoy going to the beach and of course, I love to go shopping!
Favorite song that you can't go without: My all time favorite song is Far away from Paul Van Dyk.
My guilty pleasure that I enjoy eating: Definitely maracuyá ice cream!
My style: My style is edgy, trendy, chic and I little bit bohemian.
My first name: Ivona
My last name: Blaskic
What do I do: Stunning Instagram feeds that feature amazingly dressed women and my mood.
Link to my site:
Age: 27
Where are you from: Vienna, Austria
What do you love about being a Blk+Blu Amabassador: I love wearing their clothes and promoting them to girls who haven't been that lucky to discover their brand yet ?
My style: Street chic
What do I like to do in my free time: I'm finishing my Masters in Marketing management.
My first name: Katarina a.k.a Katy Mage
My last name: Živković
What do I do: Graduated philosopher by profession, personal style and lifestyle blogger, photography and art enthusiast.
Link to my site:,
Where are you from: Aleksinac, Serbia
What do you love about being a Blk+Blu Ambassador: I'm happy to be blknbluonline ambassador because I find this store perfect online shopping destination for people with unique taste in fashion. BLK+BLU has a wide range of design that can't be found on other online stores or local fashion stores. That makes them original and different from others.
My style: My style is a mixture of different genres of rock'n'roll. I enjoy combining elements of punk-rock, grunge and hippie fashion with other alternative ways of clothing as well as ongoing trends in fashion.
What inspires your style: I find inspiration almost everywhere, in music I listen too, favorite movies, art, blogs and magazines.

My first name: Tia
My last name: Filíshio
What do you do? Governmental Finance by trade // sunshine-lover / proud Italian / passionate fashion maven / general coffee scholar
Link to my site(s): ,
Age: 25
Where are you from?
I was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.
What do you love about being a Blk+Blu Ambassador? Everything Blk+Blu is SO my style and I love the opportunity to show others just how incredible their brand is.
What is your style? A healthy mix of California casual, edgy street chic, and punk rocker teen angst all wrapped in a fancy lace bow, depending on my mood.
What do you like to do in your free time? I played softball for 18 years of my life so I love to be athletic and competitive, I love working out, being outdoors-y, spending time with my family, and eating A LOT. ( ;

My first name: Riana
My last name: Horner
What do I do: I am a creative writer, digital content creator & model.
Link to my site or
What do I like to do in my free time: I love to create awesome content for my blog such as flatlays, taking part in photo shoots and styling outfits. I also write poetry, which you can read on my blog. On weekends you will find me in a boutique café, sipping on English breakfast tea, reading a classic novel for one of my university classes (I study journalism and creative writing).
Favorite song that you can't go without: I love chilled R&B, but anything with a good beat will get me on the dance floor. At the moment I keep listening to Charlie Puth’s ‘We don’t talk anymore’.
My style: I tend to go for a classic feminine look, but I have a real appreciation for vintage clothing. My favourite pair of shorts were bought by my mum when she was 18-years-old.

My first name: Chiara
My last name: Marandellas
What is your occupation: I'm a personal shopper & stylist, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger at Culture With Coco
Link to my site:
What do you like to do in your free time: I love blogging, shopping and spending time with my friends and family. All three things for me are luxury and of course I am blessed to do what I love for a living
Favorite song that you can't go without: I really love collaboration songs since they combine some serious talent together that is why today I would have to go for Wyclef Jean, Akon & Lil Wayne - Sweetest Girl, such an amazing song and great text!
A guilty pleasure that you enjoy eating: I am more of a savoury girl so I would have to say I do enjoy chilli chips.
Describe your style: My style is imperfect, classic, chic and a bit experimental.

My first name: Shakiyla
My last name: Sykes
What do I do: I am a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and I am an actress in my spare time as well as a brand ambassador.
Link to my site:
Where are you from: Riverhead, New York (on Long Island)
What do you love about being a Blk+Blu Ambassador: The thing I love about being a Blk+Blu Ambassador is that I get to share with tons of other people who love fashion the amazing products Blk+Blu has to offer at such reasonable prices!
My style: My style is very versatile depending on my mood it could be chic, classic or traditional.
What inspires your style:  There are quite a variety of things that inspire my style such as celebrities, music, people I see around New York City as well as people I see from around the world on social media.


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My first name: Micaela

My last name: Verrelien

What do I do: I am a Personal Style Influencer

Link to my site:

What do I like to do in my free time: On my free time I love to dance, go out with my friends in the city, and of course shopping.

Favorite song that you can't go without: My favorite song is: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by: Cyndi Lauper

My guilty pleasure that I enjoy eating: Spaghetti and meatballs, Yum.

My style: My style is all about self expression. I love to dress according to how I feel that day. Style to me is about versatility and that is exactly how I like to keep it.


 Blk+Blu Online's First Transbassador

My first name: Valaree 

My last name: Love

What do I do: Freelance Make up Artist & Wig/Weavealogist  

25+ Models in One/   I have a look for every day
Link to my site:

Favorite song that you can't go without: Anything by Rihanna, she's my everything and I look up to her.

My guilty pleasure that I enjoy eating: I'm a very picky eater but my all time favorite food would be Italian, mostly lasagna.

My style: My style is very classy with a edge of high fashion!



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